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FortuneBuilders have been in the real estate investing business for over 10 years. We have coached and training thousands of investors, beginners to advanced, from around the country.

At all of our events and trainings we make it very clear that the real estate investing industry is not easy and contains risk. However, for those individuals who are willing to put in the necessary work along with training, there are opportunities for success in real estate.

If you want to succeed in anything, studying a system from people who actively do the business and guidance from coaches is the best way to achieve your goals. In the case of real estate investing, we strongly advocate for it to help mitigate the risk associated with getting started.

If anyone ever has any questions or concerns, or would like to know more about how we’ve helped our students accomplish their goals of investing in real estate, please feel free to contact us. We will always make sure we answer your questions and/or resolve any concerns.

Our phone number is: 800-917-9706
Our email is:

Please, Please, before giving this scam outfit your 25k do your research. Do not research on the internet as all of the FB 'review' sites are controlled by Fortune Builders. Ask a local realtor or a real estate investor at your local Real Estate Investors Association.

Fortune Builders will give you a slick presentation about how they hand pick a few 'select' individuals to let into their circle. The inference is that you are 'special' if you are selected. They talk about who should join, the inference being the 'winners'. "People are either winner or they are losers", they will say. How's that for a not too subliminal challenge to one's ego?

Well, you are special if you are willing to give them 25 thousand dollars. They will conduct an interview that seems as though it is just that, with questions about your work history, maybe your education. Then the real questions that concern them. How much money do you have in the bank, how much available credit do you have, can you ask for higher limits, how much equity is in your home. If it adds up to 25k you are in, you are awesome. They do fail to mention that there will be a few added expenditures. You need to buy some domain names (money) you need to buy a business name (more money) you need to do marketing (way more money) you need to hire someone to do your logo ( you guessed it more $) to do your stationary, your business cards, your envelopes etc ($). They could plainly see that all I had was 25k and would never have the money for the added 'incidentals', but still they decided to not talk with me about them. Because they DO NOT care. If you happen to decide that 25k is just too steep, they will (I found out through other people I met at the seminar) hound you and hound you offering you discount after discount. Then after you join they will call you with an 'invitation' to join the coveted "Inner Circle' Oooh, now you're going to be really in the loop. An insider. Oh boy. Oh yeah, it'll cost you. Thousands more.

They tell you that this is an easy business with millions to be made. They fail to tell you how truly difficult it is to find a deal. At the prices one can offer to make a profit it is nearly impossible. You will make offer after offer and come up empty. If your market is at all competitive (which nearly all are right now) you are up against a big number of much more savvy, much more connected investors. You will most likely NOT get a deal. As a realtor told me RE agents make more money and don't have to risk anything. (Many, many rehabs lose money). Many, many-and that can be disastrous.

Fortune Builders has a Facebook page that allows students to post questions. This is to help all with their lucrative new businesses'. If you are looking for a lender for a project you will receive Zero responses. If you are looking for a reliable, affordable contractor you will have Zero responses. So if you do get a deal you have no money and no contractors. If however, you are wondering which of your 5 logo choices is the prettiest you will receive 50 responses and if you are an *** wondering if you should refinish the wood floors in a 1920s bungalow or carpet over them (!) you will receive 100 responses. These are serious business people you know.

Additionally, Fortune Builders will recommend that you work with Nevada Corporate Headquarters, an even slimier outfit than FB. DO check the reviews for them online. Ech. They also recommend that you sign up for Realeflow, a company that provides a product to help you organize your company data and provide you with some basic websites- they have worked with me for two months and still websites are not up and working correctly.

Bottom line is if you want to get into the business ask a realtor ask an investor, go to the library, join BiggerPockets (for FREE!). You will find that you will get more realistic info from these sources and save yourself 25k. All I have is a 1000/mo credit card payment that I can not afford because the slime balls at FB thought that they could use it more than I. BEWARE and be SMARTER than I!!!!

Oh, and they will also suggest you do illegal things (talk a realtor into 'hiring' you as an assistant to get you access to the MLS) and unethical, possibly illegal (submitting phony ghost ads). They are criminal in every way.

Additionally, look up Yelp reviews. Not legit reviews that is why FB is there!!!

Review about: Fortunebuilders Seminar.

Monetary Loss: $24997.

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Waco, Texas, United States #1196929

You're *** ***

Buford, Georgia, United States #1194290

Take your $50000 and use it to invest in real estate (as a down payment, buy land, REIT funds, etc). Don't throw it away on these worthless infomercial non-accredited "bus tour" seminars. If you must spend it on so-called "education", then invest in college classes, or a business degree, or get your real estate license.

Buford, Georgia, United States #1194286

I see FB adverts on many stations in the early hours of the morning.As a landlord myself, I wouldn't go near these clowns with a 30 1/2 foot pole.

A $10 "Dummy Guide to Real Estate Investing" will get me further than any Tran or Armando named person on TV will (with the small print on the screen saying "results not typical".

In a nutshell you can't buy real estate with no money down. And it helps if you are handy at fixing things.

There is no magic.Save your $25K+ for a down payment on real estate.

Fernley, Nevada, United States #1193003

at the first 2 hour seminar they show you all the ways you can make money doing this, then they ask if you want to work with them and that they have big money million air investiors that you will work with if you sign up for a 3 day workshop for $197.00 , they got my 197.

Then you go to the work shop and they have 1 speaker and 6 sales people they don't tell that's what they are, they make you believe there all big money investors.but there not they still don't say anything that any person that owns a home or has had a rental should already know .

on the 2nd day before you leave they tell you to fill out application to go forward and join mastery WHOOO WHOOO then they tell you it cost 49,997.00 for the top level or 19,997.00 for the lowest level but you have to be accepted first wait until tomarrow will let you know after we review your app.

They don't even offer you a website you can print all the offer forms and other forms you need to make offers , or the rental agreement forms if you buy a rental, all it was is a sales pitch to get your money. They go around to every market in the country and pitch this if the get 20 people at every city they make their millions.

At least the CARLTON SHEETS COURSE I bought 25 years ago had all the forms to make offers , and rental and lease agreements.

that's when I bought my first 2 homes with none of my own money just like he said I could do If I tried and it worked.FORTUNE BUILDERS IS A...

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #1192818

I almost forgot!They "teach" you all the ways to get money / barrow against house 401k credit cards etc for your first flip..

But in reality they're just wanting you todo these things to get you to cough up 25k + lee escobar the instructor kept sayin "that's it?!" For any high investment price to better your lifestyle for example spending 15k on marketing to get 1 lead sayin the 15k is an investment ..long story short sayin paying them 25k is an investment to make thousands ...again save.Your money and go on YouTube to learn about flipping's all there


SCAM!I attended and had lee escobar teaching the 3 day workshop for $197 the info they gave can ALL be found online example YouTube for FREE all the info he gives (actual helpful real estate facts/tricks) can be given out in a few hours..4 hrs MAX BUT the class is spread out into 3 days why?

To sell you a bs dream Lee basically told me if you don't pay the 25k for eduction for flipping you will fail . His exact words to me were "my dog could flip" saying it's not the flipping that's hard but the actual system keeping you successful which is hard. You dnt need to pay 25k for a coach who isn't even in your own state to "help you" I went out to successful flip and continue to do so. save your money and don't fall for it.

lee escobar And all the other ppl are SPEAKERS! SALES men they know how to make it all "sound good" you can do it without them.

Save your time and money and do your homework online.I promise you everything they tell you you can find online for free


U can tell FB troll here and comment with SUCCESS and calling people loosers for being honest..


Thank you for your candid review.I attended a 3 day workshop this weekend and I really enjoyed learning this new, to me, information.

I interviewed but knew I didn't have but a few pennies ($689) on hand and in the bank but interviewed anyway. I was told now may not be the right time and that someone will be in contact with me in regards to wholesaling, which I am interested in. I just got off the phone with him and before I read this I was ready to give them my last $500 of my $689 for a "tailor-made" 3 month wholesaling program. The program was originally $1997 for 6 months of the program but when I told them how much I had he stated he could "tailor make" it for $500.

I have the bulk of the $689 cash on-hand from teaching a jewelry class last night. THAT IS ALL I HAVE!!! I WAS willing to give it to them in hopes to get the mentoring in wholesaling and build on a better future for myself.

Thanks bunches for sharing and I am grateful that I thought to look into it more!I will connect with a local investor I know of and take my little money to the bookstore to invest in more research on wholesaling.

Can't thank you enough for your review!!!


I'm part of the inner circle master program and I've gotta say.I regret every penny I spent.

$50K is not worth it. If it was much cheaper, just a few thousand, yes it would be worth it. These people are devious scammers and I wish people would realize that you can learn all of this on your own with a *** of a lot less than $50,000. You really think what they are teaching has "never been heard of before" come on.

I'm not an outsider, I am part of the program and I am successful. I did not fail. But guess what, I didn't need them one bit. I'm not going to lie, they did teach me a few things I thought were very helpful.

But all in all, this program is a scam. Just another way for them to collect money. And I TOTALLY agree with the other person who posted on here and this is VERY IMPORTANT. Why do you think they ask you on the application how much money you have?

How much credit you have? How many things you have in your name? To help you with investing? *** no.

So they can see which people have the money and which don't. They don't care about you if you don't have the money, and you're not special at all for making it in to the program, you can just pay for it. They made me feel like I was smart and extremely qualified and driven enough for the position, but no. I just had some money in my account because my husband passed away and I spent it in an idiotic way because I thought I was helping myself.

I swear, I'd sue for turn...

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to Anonymous Reno, Nevada, United States #1192683

Thank you for this! Tomorrow is my 3rd day of their pitch and I was completely prepared to spend the 50k!


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