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Let me break it down for folks in real life. I attended a 2 hours free class from FB at a local hotel.

The speaker shared enough information with me that I hadn't understood previously that I signed up for their 3 day seminar. It cost $197 for a ticket and that included you bringing a business partner to learn with. Break down: approx $32 a day per person for nearly 30 hours of classroom time. My partner and I showed up to the Hilton hotel in Oxnard a month later with the idea that they would try to sell me their Mastery program (a simple google search prepared me to expect the pitch and the hefty price tag that follows).

Did they touch base on what their program offers frequently, yes. Did they tell me all the steps to take as a non-member to achieve the same outcome, yes. At the end of day one they had us take home an application and information about their program to review and if interested return the next morning to be interviewed something over the weekend by one of their team members. Do they put a degree of "exclusivity" on their program, yes.

They will not accept applicants who cannot reasonably afford it or cannot commit to the time and work involved. By day three a majority of the 250 people had been interviewed, either selected or denied, and coached on how to improve their credit independently to achieve their financial goals. Let me be very clear, I took 22 pages of notes over the weekend and had MANY ah-ha moments. FB offers a program to assist investors in every step of the process with their entire business built by following their systems and templates.

A few of the many, many topics we discussed: Utilizing leverage, direct mail techniques, wholesaling techniques, tactics to find OPM, how to build templates to ensure you can flip again and again as fast as possible, what paperwork is most important to file with contractors, what technology is most helpful.. and the list goes on and on. It would take me thousands of words to explain what all is included in their programs, I highly suggest that those interested in RE go to a seminar for themselves and not listen to the people in forums who are dealing with sticker-shock for their program. Nothing is free.

They are offering a system that do A LOT of the work for you (but not all the work..obviously), the hundreds of templates alone that come with their program for each room of a house that needs renovation with material lists and Home Depot sku#s to ensure your contractor knows exactly what to do is of value. $197 for my boyfriend and I to learn how to structure our businesses better legally and systematically is a steal. No, I definitely don't work for FB. I know though that I was skimming forums looking for opinions on the event before I attended it and the negative reviews stuck out.

Looking back, those people are fools.

I've attached a photo of whats included in their Inner Circle, it comes with a $50K price tag. This list will makes a lot more sense to someone who invests in the seminar.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fortunebuilders Seminar.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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